DeutschOut of all the activities that were undertaken, the further development of the infrastructure was the most extensive. The footpaths to Gangmulla and to Kukulanmulla were widened bit by bit with the help of the community members (photo). Thereafter the road was concreted by the road construction authority. The basic idea is to extend the bus service that is running since August 2015, to the surrounding neighbourhoods as well. Also the local electricity network was gradually expanded.


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A collective donation from a fundraising campaign by an Austrian relief organization based in Vienna was handed over to Sahana in Sri Lanka. To us this donation signalizes a clear sign of trust in our work for which we would like to say a big “Thank You” to Vienna also on behalf of the less privileged people in Miyagala.

A sponsor who had been to our project village developed a flyer describing our work with text and images for distribution.

Our local coordinators in Sri Lanka are experiencing shortcomings, resulting from the continuous decline of active personnel and the lack of talented youngsters willing to take up responsibility for voluntary work. Under these conditions, we have to give thought how best we could continue with the charity work that we have undertaken.

1. Schooling Project

The schooling of 60 children was sponsored (photo). Also the two mentally and physically handicapped youth were financially supported. Three children were deleted from our list, who however had taken the opportunity to complete the lower secondary education. We thank their respective sponsors for supporting them. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t reach the goal of a minimum of 10 years schooling that we have set. New children were not taken into our schooling programme.

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Our efforts since 2007, focussing on minimizing school dropouts while increasing the general standard of education, have led to a very positive side effect. It is now accepted as normality that children have to be sent to school when they reach schooling age. That the children be asked to help in the field or baby-sit at home has also lessened. We are extremely glad that our involvement is strongly influencing the mindset and the attitudes within the community. However, this project is quite work-intensive and time consuming; not only should the children be appropriately cared for, their parents too have to be convinced to do their part.

2. Ethic School Project

Quite a few of the tasks that were planned could not be carried out due to shortcomings mentioned above. The ceiling of the school library has only been temporarily covered with wood planks to prevent dirt falling from the squirrel’s nest onto the reading table. The library can now be used without any problems.

3. Spice Cultivation

The visit to a pepper plantation took place as planned (photo). The pepper saplings that were to be planted were not distributed by the Agricultural Department. Their stocks dried as a result of the unusually long and severe drought that persisted. Priority is given to drinking water and plants are not watered during shortage of water.

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Hospital Project

The Dambagalla hospital was visited. The local management conveyed their thanks for the hospital appliances donated in 2013. They also expressed the need for some chairs for the outpatient waiting room of the gynaecological ward (photo).

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5. Kosgoda Projects

The reconstructed temple as well as some recipients of Sahana-Houses was visited. There is no need for action as everything is running well.

We sincerely thank all our sponsors and well-wishers for their support and their trust they have placed in us.

Heessen, June 2017

Rajah Wirasekara

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